Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Why So Blue?

A few months ago, I made the ends of my hair blue. I had been thinking about adding some color (i.e. blue, purple, pink) for a while and finally just said to hell with it and did it.

And people who knew me were stunned. I've always been a pretty conservative girl; I never wanted to make myself stand out by doing some of the "crazy"/ "standout" things I would think of in fear of being judged. This ranged from my hair to my clothes to my makeup to my actions.

But seeing has how I have recently learned to embrace the true me, back in April I made the plunge and went blue! 

Blue applied now waiting for it to set. No turning back.

In the car right after it was done. A little hard to see but I was thrilled!

Here's a better picture in the light. 

I'd so do it again in a heartbeat! I actually kinda, sort of, really want to dye my hair lavender. I've just gotta work up the courage! 

What fun things have some of you done that would be considered out of character to others?

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