Monday, July 22, 2013

Meaningful Music Monday #1

One of the things that has helped me pull through the tough times was music. I may not have any musical talent whatsoever, but I love my music. A slow, relaxing song could help calm me down while an uptempo song could make me want to blast the radio and dance around my room leaving my troubles behind me for a few minutes. Basically, any kind of song with a meaning that can be inspirational or uplifting.

And as much as I love almost all kinds of music (except metal and screamo stuff...) the stuff that really helped me were ones similar to my situation and had positive messages. Love songs are great, but sometimes it was just nice to hear a great tune telling you you'll pull through.

As cheesy as it may sound, and I know it does, I wanted to share songs on my positive playlist that helped me personally that others may enjoy.

'Life's a Dance' - John Michael Montgomery

"Don't worry 'bout what you don't know, life's a dance, you learn as you go."

This is one of my favorite songs of all time, obviously since I named my blog after it. It's country (my fave genre), upbeat and is all about how life is constantly changing so you have to adjust to whatever situation you are in. Life is a dance that is different for each person and every step you take in life is a step in your own personal dance. And sometimes you are in more control than you are in other times when you have to follow/ be guided. No matter what portion in life you are in though, you are always learning. Every event in your life is something to learn from, whether it was positive or negative.

'Love Who You Love' - Rascal Flatts
''Love who you love with all that you have and don't waste the time that flies so fast.''

My Zadie, my great-grandfather may he rest in peace, was the most important person in my life. When he was in the hospital dying, I chose not to go and visit him one last time because I couldn't handle seeing him in such a state and did not want those to be my last memories with him. To this day I am torn; I know that I would make the same decision again if faced with it but a small part of me wishes I had gone and seen him. This song has always reminded me of him and how part of the reason I was able to pull myself out of my depression was knowing that I wanted/ want to make him proud. And no matter how alone I was feeling, and believe me I felt alone, he is was/ is always looking out for me and providing me with strength.

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